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Thesis statement guide

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Thesis Statement Guidelines Everything you write should develop

Thesis statement guide

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Bioethics Online Certification of Professional Achievement. Ask questions, receive updates. The Bioethics Certification program curriculum features select courses from the Master of Science in Bioethics program. It has been tailored to advance students’ knowledge and skills for working in statement, bioethics, using a multidisciplinary approach that draws on medicine, law, philosophy, history, sociology, religion, and other fields. Courses focus on key areas including the history and the economic unemploymen philosophy of bioethics, clinical ethics, research ethics, law and bioethics, and neuroethics. Statement! They are offered online and are available in both credit and noncredit versions, making it possible for students worldwide to study with distinguished leaders in the field.

Students who complete four or more courses with a 3.0 (B) or better in template, each course are awarded a Certification of Professional Achievement in Bioethics. Thesis Statement! Students are required to monetary policy australia essay maintain an overall minimum GPA of 3.0 (B). Every course creditable toward the thesis, certification must be taken for a letter grade. Courses with a grade below a C will not count toward the completion of the certification. Students may also apply to the program and take individual courses without pursuing a certification. * Philosophy of e-business Bioethics is a prerequisite for Introduction to Clinical Ethics with one exception: the student obtains instructor permission based on relevant prior expertise/coursework. Statement Guide! BIET PS5320. Philosophy of on expository Bioethics. 3 pts.

In contemporary bioethics, we find ourselves grappling with practically important, and at statement the same time, philosophically fundamental questions such as: When does someone’s life begin and how should it end? What is the proper role of physicians, nurses and help essay other health care providers and what are the rights of their patients? What is a just and fair way to statement guide provide access to health-care services and resources? Which potential uses of new genetic and help essay reproductive technologies would represent a legitimate advance in medicine and which would signify the beginning of a humanly degrading brave new world? Indeed, in a society committed to protecting a diversity of lifestyles and opinions, how can citizens resolve significant policy controversies such as whether there should be public funding of human embryonic stem cell research, or a legally protected right to physician assistance in ending one’s life? The aims of this course are to thesis statement guide identify the fundamental ethical questions that underlie contemporary biomedical practice; develop skill in analyzing and the economic clarifying key concepts such as autonomy, justice, health and disease; critically assess the thesis statement guide, healthcare implications of different ethical outlooks; explore how citizens can reasonably address controversial bioethical issues in a mutually respectful and constructive way. The course meets once a week online for an hour and a half. Plan! Live-session interaction and post-session discussion forums play a key role as students explore, in a give-and-take spirit, the pros and cons of guide each position. This course is designed for medical students, nursing students, and best other healthcare professionals, as well as for students at statement guide the graduate or advanced undergraduate level in biology, philosophy, political science, public health, law, and related fields.

BIET PS5400. Introduction to Clinical Ethics. 3 pts. While this course is designed to introduce students to Examine the economic growth, the fundamentals of thesis guide clinical ethics and the basic terminology and framework of ethical analysis in biomedical ethics, it offers a more sociological perspective, putting the growth,, contemporary clinical issues into a broader context. We will look briefly at the development of clinical ethics and its impact on thesis statement guide hospital care and doctor-patient relationships, on the prevailing autonomy norm and its critique. Essay For College Scholarships! The course then focuses on issues encountered in clinical practice such as informed consent, patient capacity, decision-making, end of guide life, advance directives, medical futility, pediatrics ethics, maternal-fetal conflicts, organ transplantation, cultural competence and diversity of beliefs and others. The course will examine the role of the best websites, clinical ethics consultant (CEC) and assignments will mimic the statement guide, work that CECs may perform in the hospital setting. Custom Websites! Over the span of the semester, students become familiar with the ethical questions surrounding major topics in the clinic with a practical case-based approach toward ethics dilemmas and ethics consultation.

During the semester, students in New York attend a meeting of the adult or pediatric ethics committees of New York Presbyterian and guide Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital or another area hospital, as well as ethics lectures given at the medical center. Students are expected to complete five case write-ups using a template that will be given by the instructor. Students will be using these cases to refine and hone their ethical analysis skills and to show their knowledge of law, policy and ethical principles and essay how they might apply to each situation. Statement Guide! BIET PS5320. Essay For College Scholarships! Philosophy of Bioethics. Thesis Guide! Exception: the student obtains instructor permission based on relevant prior expertise/coursework. Increasingly, issues of medical research and clinical care are posing complex ethical issues not only in the United States, but in other countries in both the industrialized and the developing world. Yet varying economic, political, social, cultural, and historical contexts shape these issues. In diverse contexts in Asia, Africa, Europe and North and South America, practices and policies, along with cultures and moral values, differ enormously.

Yet ethical issues are arising not in isolation, but as part of global communities and discourses. In research, multinational pharmaceutical companies are increasingly conducting studies in both industrialized countries and the developing world, posing numerous ethical tensions. Plan Template! In clinical care, uses of reproductive technologies differ across national borders, leading to “reproductive tourism”. End of life care varies widely, reflecting in part differing attitudes toward death and dying. This course examines the political, economic, social, cultural, philosophical, medical, and historical roots and implications of these issues. The course meets once a week online for an hour and a half, and offers extensive live-session interaction and post-session discussion forums to explore the various bioethical issues contemplated throughout the thesis statement, semester. BIET PS5450. Research Ethics. 3 pts. In recent years, many crucial issues have arisen concerning research ethics.

Scientists in biomedicine, social science and other areas, as well as policy makers face rapidly evolving challenges. In recent years, violations of research ethics have attracted attention from the public, the media, the government, and the scientific community, which have all responded in varying ways. Issues arise in deciding how best to protect human subjects, obtain informed consent, protect privacy and confidentiality, finance research without biasing results, and avoid “misbehavior” among scientists. Questions arise concerning the professional responsibilities and rights of scientists, the rights of study participants, and the appropriate role of the state in these matters. The course meets online once a week for based on pie chart, an hour and a half, with extensive interaction between students and the professor both during class and on post-class discussion forums. Thesis Statement Guide! It can fulfill the requirements for Responsible Conduct of Research that the NIH and other funders currently mandate for training programs that they support. The University reserves the right to withdraw or modify the courses of instruction or to change the instructors as may become necessary. Columbia University School of Professional Studies. 203 Lewisohn Hall. 2970 Broadway, MC 4119. New York, NY 10027.

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How to Answer Prompt #1 of the thesis statement New Common Application. Out of the best essay seven prompts you can chose from to write your application essay for The Common Application, I like the first one a lot. (UPDATE: As of 2017, you can now write about any topic you want. See new prompt #7.) Prompt No. Statement. 1 is trying to “prompt” you to find and share a story that will reveal an essays on pie, important part of statement guide, what makes you unique and based on pie chart special. These are called personal essays, and they are what my entire blog is statement, trying to help you learn to write! In a nutshell, you write these types of essays in the first-person (I, me, you…point of essay contest for college scholarships, view) and use a “write-like-you-talk” casual style. Narrative-style (storytelling) essays are natural “grabbers” because you use mini-stories from real life, also called anecdotes, for your introduction to illustrate a larger point. The structure can be as elaborate as you want, but in general, you “show” the statement reader your point with an anecdote at the beginning, and then “tell” or explain what it means in Examine the economic growth, the second part. (Here’s a quickie guide to help you Write a College Application Essay in 3 Steps.) Narrative, slice-of-life essays are ideal for almost any type of statement, admissions essay.

But some college application essay prompts are trickier than others to figure out how to answer the e-business question by telling a story. Others, however, are easier and actually ask for statement a story. Essays Based On Pie. Like Prompt No. 1. (and No. Thesis Statement. 2 and 4). Here’s how to find and tell a story for Prompt #1: Prompt 1 from Common App: “Some students have a background, identity, interest or talent that is help, so meaningful they believe their application would be incomplete without it. If this sounds like you, then please share your story.” 1. FIND A TOPIC : First, see if you have something interesting in your “ background or identity ” or with an statement, “ interest or talent ” that could make a great topic: A. Monetary Australia Essay. Background : I believe that if your “background” is central to your identity, it could involve anything in your life that shaped you. If you’re a student who faced an intense issue growing up, this is your chance to share that—since it most likely was defining for you (shaped who you are in some way).

By an “intense issue,” I mean anything from a parent who was abusive, or alcoholic, or not on the scene for whatever reason, to having a personal issue of your own (you’re deaf, or wheelchair bound, or bi-polar, or the oldest of thesis statement guide, 10 kids, or you’re battling a debilitating illness…). Your “background” also can be defining if you come from a different culture, or have a family who practices an essay contest, extreme religion or other unusual belief system, or a unique family situation (you’re adopted, or your parents are lesbians, or your mom is blind, or you survive on food stamps, or your dad hosts a famous talk show, etc…). I think the point is thesis statement guide, that if you have a background that has been challenging on some level, it most likely affected who you are, and what you value and how you approach your life. E-business Plan Template. If this is the case, it could make an excellent college application essay. B. Identity: I would say if there’s something about you that defines you in a big way, this could be considered your identity.

It really depends upon how you see yourself. Here’s some that come to thesis statement guide, mind: You are any type of LGBTQ or any variation based on gender and sexual orientation. You are bi-racial. You were raised by your grandmother. You’re a triplet. You are the son of a celebrity. I would say if you believe it’s shaped who you are on policy australia essay a fundamental basis, and you want to write about it, go for thesis guide it! C. Interest : I think this is self-explanatory.

What is something you do that you are passionate about? My advice is to pick something that is central to your life, and then find an interesting way to write about it. If you just spell out your “interest” in piano, talking about how you took lessons, gave recitals, love it so much, etc., that could be a dull, thumbs-down essay. Instead, decide what specifically about the piano shaped you, and monetary policy australia essay write about that. Or what personal quality or core value you developed from playing piano. Or was there something unexpected you learned from statement, playing piano. In general, I would be careful writing about an interest. If you do go for it, find a way to write about essay, that interest that reveals more about you than why you like to do it. D. Talent : Same advice as with writing about an “interest.” Be careful! A talent is really an interest that you are good at, right? Who wants to read about how you are really great at thesis chess, or horseback riding or playing video games?

Not me! I would strongly advise you to not write about how good you are at something. The danger is that you come across as boastful or full of yourself, and that can be off-putting to college admissions folks. Remember, the e-business plan template goal is to be likable. The best trick to thesis guide, writing about a talent is to think of “a time” it involved some type of problem (failure, challenge, obstacle, mistake, etc.). That can help you inject humility into your essay. Of course, it’s possible to e-business plan template, write a great essay about something you excel at, but give a lot of thought to statement, what you have to say about it, and what your essay will say about you . HOT TIP : One way to write about a tricky topic such as an essays, interest or talent is to search for thesis topics in the area of the help on expository everyday, or mundane.

Topics that are about impressive feats, like the time you climbed Mount Everest or saved someone’s life or won a gold medal, often backfire. Instead, the opposite– mundane or everyday topics or stories –work the best! If you write about thesis statement, a talent, an based on pie, essay about how you are the best at thesis guide making tamales or tying fly fishing knots or cleaning cars would be much more palatable than how you play first-chair violin or won the state championship for cross country. It is help essay, possible to write about guide, impressive accomplishments, but you need to find the right angle or you risk coming across as all-important and not as likable. 2. FIND A STORY : Once you find a topic (and pick either something from your background, identity, interests or talents), try to find a compelling story or anecdote (a real-life moment) to essay scholarships, start your essay that is an example of or illustrates the point you want to make about thesis statement, yourself.

To make sure it’s a compelling mini-story, make sure your anecdote involves a problem. Essays Chart. (If you are writing about your background or identity, look for an example of how it was a problem on some level to use as your anecdote.) This is also an approach that could bring some drama or a twist if you are writing about an interest or talent.) Not only does an anecdote work as a “grabber” for the reader, it sets you up to talk about how you dealt with the thesis statement guide problematic moment and what you learned. (How to find a juicy problem HERE.) 3. CRAFT AN ANECDOTE : Tell your mini-story in the form of an Examine, anecdote. Just relate something that happened to you. Thesis Statement Guide. Start at help on expository essay the peak of the action. This will be your introduction and thesis statement guide take up the first paragraph or two. Set the scene. Essays Based. Use descriptive language and concrete (specific) details. Include action verbs. Put us in thesis that moment by describing what you saw, smelled, heard and felt.

Include a snippet of dialogue, if it works. Condense your anecdote into essays based chart, a paragraph or two to use as your introduction. Thesis Statement. (How to write an anecdote HERE and HERE .) 4. TELL THE BACK STORY: Then give a little background (the “back story”) explaining what led up to that moment or event or problem, and then go on to describe how you felt about it, how you handled it, and what you learned in help essay the process . Make sure to find some way to express how what you learned linked to a defining quality—so that your essay has a sharp focus and doesn’t try to thesis statement, reveal too many different things about you. 5. WRAP IT UP: To write a conclusion, link back to that little moment you started with and bring the reader up to the present. Kind of like a status update. Share how you plan to use your defining quality or the lesson you learned in plan template your future goals and statement dreams, especially if it relates to your educational goals. Example of a Personal, Narrative-style Essay. The New York Times just happened to share several well-written college application essays in contest a recent story to inspire college-bound students like yourself. I’m going to copy my favorite one below, by a student named Lyle Li, which used the narrative style of writing.

I will indicate where the thesis writer used an anecdote (in red) to “show” his point, and essays on pie then where he went on to “tell” explain what it meant to statement, him (in blue). This essay is excellent. I believe he addressed his “background” in this piece. He shows us the challenges his family has faced, and we learned what the student values, and why. In the based chart process, he comes across as a very authentic, determined and likable guy. I believe the main reason this worked so well is that he chose a mundane topic for his story (his mom’s restaurant job), as opposed to some impressive accomplishment. Thesis. Can you see the essays based “problem” he shared in this essay? Last thing: notice how personal this student was in this essay and statement how he opened up about his thoughts, fears and e-business plan dreams.

The more personal an essay, the more it connects with the thesis statement guide reader. See what you think: By Lyle Li, from Brooklyn. Essay Written for New York University. (ANECDOTE FOR INTRODUCTION: “Showing”) While resting comfortably in policy my air-conditioned bedroom one hot summer night, I received a phone call from guide, my mom. She asked me softly, “Lyle, can you come down and clean up the restaurant?” Slightly annoyed, I put on my sandals and proceeded downstairs. Mixing the hot water with cleaning detergents, I was ready to clean up the restaurant floor. Usually the process was painstakingly slow: I had to first empty a bucket full of dirty water, only to fill it up again with boiling water. But that night I made quick work and finished in five minutes.

My mom, unsatisfied, snatched the mop from me and began to demonstrate the “proper way” to essays, clean the floor. She demanded a redo. I complied, but she showed no signs of approval. As much as I wanted to erupt that night, I had good reasons to stay calm. (NOTICE HOW HE BACKGROUNDS HIS ANECDOTE HERE) Growing up in guide rural China, my mom concerned herself not with what she would wear to school every day, but rather how she could provide for her family. While many of her classmates immediately joined the work force upon completing high school, my mom had other aspirations. She wanted to contest for college scholarships, be a doctor. But when her college rejections arrived, my mother, despite being one of the strongest individuals I know, broke down. My grandparents urged her to pursue another year of education. Statement. She refused. Instead, she took up a modestly paying job as a teacher in order to help, lessen the financial burden on the family.

Today, more than twenty years have passed, yet the statement guide walls of policy australia, my parents’ bedroom still do not bear a framed college degree with the name “Tang Xiao Geng” on it. (EXPLAINING WHAT THE ANECDOTE MEANT: “Telling”) In contrast, when I visit my friends, I see the names of elite institutions adorning the living room walls. Statement Guide. I am conscious that these framed diplomas are testaments to the hard work and monetary accomplishments of my friends’ parents and siblings. Nevertheless, the sight of them was an irritating reminder of the disparity between our households. I was not the statement upper middle class kid on Park Avenue. Truth be told, I am just some kid from Brooklyn. Instead of diplomas and accolades, my parents’ room emits a smell from the e-business restaurant uniforms they wear seven days a week, all year round.

It’s funny how I never see my mom in makeup, expensive jeans, lavish dresses, or even just casual, everyday clothing that I often see other moms wearing. Guide. Yet, one must possess something extraordinary to be able to stand in front of monetary policy australia, a cash register for 19 years and thesis statement do so with pride and determination. On certain nights, I would come home sweaty, dressed in a gold button blazer and colored pants, unmistakable evidence of socializing. In contrast, my mom appears physically and emotionally worn-out from work. But, she still asks me about my day. Consumed by guilt, I find it hard to answer her. Moments such as those challenge my criteria of what constitutes true success. My mother, despite never going to college, still managed to make a difference in my life. Examine The Economic Growth, Unemploymen. Tomorrow,she will put on her uniform with just as much dignity as a businesswoman would her power suit. Statement. What is Examine growth, unemploymen, her secret?

She wholeheartedly believes that her son’s future is worth the guide investment. Contest Scholarships. The outcome of my education will be vindication of that belief. In hindsight, I’m astounded at the ease with which I can compose all my views of this amazing woman on a piece of paper, but lack the nerve to express my gratitude in conversations. Perhaps, actions will indeed speak louder than words. When I graduate on statement June 1st, I know she will buy a dress to honor the essay special occasion. Guide. When I toil through my college thesis, I know she will still be mopping the restaurant floor at 11:00 PM.

When I finally hang up my diploma in my bedroom, I know she will be smiling. (Mr. Li will be attending N.Y.U.) Want to learn how to write an e-business plan, anecdote like the one Lyle Li crafted to start his compelling essay? Watch My Video Tutorial on How to thesis statement guide, Write an Anecdote: Part One. Ready to start writing your own narrative essay? Check out my Jumpstart Guide to custom essay websites, help you find a unique topic and statement start writing your own slice-of-life essay. If you want more help, considering investing $9.98 in my short and simple ebook guide, Escape Essay Hell! , which takes you step-by-step through the entire brainstorming and writing process. Thank you so much for on expository essay all of statement, these posts, they are extremely helpful!I am thinking of doing the custom websites first prompt for the Common App and started my rough draft but I have a question.

When it says background could that include my family background? I have a story about my great grandmother and how she was persecuted and guide how her story and her strength effects my identity today(my family background made me hardworking,dedicated,etc.). Essay. Is that ok or not really what the statement prompt is looking for? Thank you!! The trick is to essay websites, make sure that the thesis essay is fundamentally about you and not your grandmother. If you can show examples of how she affected you, and tell her story briefly, but write mainly about what you learned and thought and felt, it could be great! Thank you for all these informations very helpful. next time when i have essay homework I will come to [essay hell] and based on pie look at thesis more information. Thank you so much!

This was very helpful. I want to the economic unemploymen, know if I should write about my identity i.e I’m an American Pakistani and statement I stay and have studied here in australia Pakistan where we still have electricity cuts everyday for hours there is no security of lives, you don’t know if you’ll come back alive once you leave home. etc.. Hi Annie, Yes, this would make an incredible essay, and I can’t imagine how that experience would not shape and define who you are in some large way. I would suggest starting with a “time” you were there, with no electricity and the fear of an guide, attack, etc., and how it made you feel, and then go from there about how you dealt with that and how you think about it all. Good luck! JR. thank you so much! this honestly has made writing this essay 100% easier. I want to know if I should write about my identity, how I learned I spoke different from everyone else.

Where should I go from there? I’m thinking about writing about how I accepted my differences. I would suggest you start with an help on expository, example or a “time” when you spoke differently, how that affected you, how you dealt with that, and what you learned (this is thesis statement, where you can elaborate on how you accepted your differences.) You are on the right track!! Good luck, JR. Thankyou soo much for essays based on pie this, really helpful! Also, if I may ask: I intend to start the essay with the first paragraph providing description of how I sit right now to write the thesis guide essay and for college then relate it with my story and guide background. while doing so, is it advisable to introduce a sentence of like how tired i am and my caffeine dose is the only thing keeping my awake. and at the end of the essay, conclude with something like: the essay is finished, a cup of coffee well spent. Once Again, thanks alot!

can i write about my shaped me as person..common app prompt #1. thank you. Yes, just make sure to find something unusual or unique to say about it, and not just a general essay on plan why you like it. Find something specific that happened, and go from there. JR. Can I write about living in a foreign country? This will probably include multiple stories. Also, Do I have to explain why it is central to my identity? Thank you so much for this, it was extremely helpful! I finished my essay and wrote it with ease, but the only problem that I have with it is the length. I find it impossible to write my story in only 650 words. So far it’s at 680 words.

I don’t want to delete anything because I feel as though my story would be incomplete. My essay right now is perfect and I really don’t want to change it! #128577; Do you have any advice on how to thesis statement guide, shorten the length without getting rid of the valuable information? I’m sure your essay is monetary, wonderful. Statement Guide. But almost all writing only gets better with cutting it down in length. Try taking out essays on pie, a sentence that you suspect is not necessary, then read the paragraph and see if it still makes sense and gets your point across. Sometimes you have to statement guide, try come cuts, and you will be surprised that you didn’t need all your sentences. Of course, you can also go through and chop out e-business plan template, individual words that you don’t need, too.

Start with the bigger parts (paragraphs, sentences) and then shift to trimming words. Good luck! JR. Hello and thank you for all the tips. I was considering working on prompt 1. To me growing up in the midst of domestic violence(specially between parents) has shaped me a lot. Thesis Statement. So do you think it would be right for prompt 1? Hi Pete, That’s a definite yes. That can’t help have been defining for you. JR. I didn’t quite get you. “That can’t help have been defining for you” Sorry English is not my first language so I am not really good at it?

Hi, first, thank you for the very valuable insights regarding the structuring and fleshing out the essay for best custom essay the 1st question of the common app. I would like to know if i should centre my essay around my academic failure i suffered in my early years and my dad’s pivotal role in bringing me back to school ? (i actually had been kicked out of thesis statement, school and bummed around for 1/2 year). Thank you. Hi! Thanks for sharing the tips and essays. I was thinking about writing how I, part of a minority group in Indonesia, was discriminated and experienced riots specifically targeted to people with my ethnicity.

I would then like to develop it to on expository essay, how I would love to pursue my dream of becoming an entrepreneur and statement provide safety net for plan template myself and my family. Then also contribute to my country’s disparaging income inequality. Would that sound like it would work? Thanks. I was considering using something a bit of wisdom I learned from a relative while sitting in guide the car as the topic for my essay for Prompt #1. My essay would go on to try to show how it helped me become a hard worker. Would this topic be too cliche? Hello! Just wanted to thank you for all the essay valuable information.

It is so helpful! I was thinking of thesis, writing about about a medical issue that I have faced, which made me have to e-business plan template, stop participating in a sport I love. Hello! Just wanted to thank you for all the thesis guide valuable information. It is so helpful! I was thinking of e-business plan, writing about about a medical issue that I have faced, which made me have to stop participating in a sport I love.

Do you think that would be an okay essay for prompt number one? Thanks in advanced! Hi, Love all the thesis statement guide tips! I was planning on doing essay promt #1 and essays on pie chart was deciding to statement, tell the unique story of how me and my two best friends met in person for the first time and how they have shaped me into help, who I am now. I don’t really know if it’s classified like the others but its not the average story of how I met my best friends but it’s extraordinary and unique. I was just wondering if that would qualify for the prompt but please give me some input and shoot me some ideas. I am Brazilian and applying as a transfer student. Thesis Guide. Last year, I received a diagnosis of Asperger syndrome, which is template, part of the autism spectrum. Statement Guide. I have lived with it my whole life and e-business template it is definitely responsible for much of who I am, even though I never knew I had it. It accounts for thesis much of the struggle I’ve had growing up, trying to essays chart, be “normal”. But I don’t want to statement guide, come across as a victim.

I was thinking about taking the “self-deprecating” rout, but I don’t know how to showcase defining qualities in on expository essay that scenario. Any anecdotes I come up with always seem to guide, end up being either about essay for college, my overwhelming awkwardness or about how I outsmarted my peers, which makes me look like a loser and thesis statement a cry-baby or a braggart. Do you have any tips on how to showcase both sides without ending up with a broad and dull essay? Or should I maybe change the subject all together? I feel really stuck here. Thank you very much. Hey this is on expository, great advice. I was wondering if I should write about my Mexican background and how people automatically think that I’m either an immigrant or to “educated” to be Mexican. Would this make a good essay? I feel that this is the common app prompt that i can best respond to.

I have spent a lot of time trying to think of an thesis guide, interesting trait, background, talent, or interest that would be fun to write about. For College. I have come to think that “people-watching” has actually contributed to positive aspects in my life, such as: being generous, working well and communicating with others, as well as noticing small details and being able to sympathize with others. My parents have often told me of guide, times i was young, when i was so focused on a watching a person, the custom essay candy i was eating would fall right out of my mouth. I feel that this (interest?)has truly impacted me as a person. However, do you believe that would be a good thing to statement guide, write about?

Also i’m having a very difficult time coming up with a story for this. If you could help me, it would be extremely appreciated! Thank you in advance! For the first prompt I’m going to talk about how I’m Dyslexic. I have several point I want to e-business plan, hit and the direction I wanted to statement guide, go. I don’t plan on complaining about it but talking about template, how I composted, how it made me a better person, how I worked harder, and how it was a so hard for statement me when I was young. Essay For College Scholarships. But I’m very unsure how to start my intro, how to grasp attention and guide make them want to read my essay on how I’m dyslexic. Hi! This is a great, helpful website. I truly feel like I have a jumpstart. I was wondering if you could read over my essay and give me some criticism to essay, spice things up and make it better.

Hi! This website really helped me get going on what i wanted to write about. Could my aspirations/dream career be something that would define me? Could it serve as my interest? Hi! This website really helped me get going on what i wanted to write about. Could my aspirations/dream career be something that would define me? Could it serve as my interest?

Thanks! Yes, your main interest could be a great topic. Make sure to focus what you have to say about it, and look for thesis statement guide real-life moments or experience to share so you can show the reader your interest. then go on to explain why it matters. Good luck! If I’m a qudruplet, how would it fit into this essay prompt and essay websites how should I structure my essay to express this identity? I think that being a quadruplet can’t help but have helped define your identity. Awesome topic!!

I would brainstorm how being one of four has shaped who you are. Think of the ways you are like your siblings and then think of wayss you are different. The ways you are different could be what you write about. Think about statement guide, WHY you are different from the best others, and thesis statement why that matters to you. Try to come up with a little moment from real-life that you could use in contest for college your essay that would help the reader get a sense of what it’s like to guide, be you. If you want ideas on how to structure you essay, read my post called “How to write your College application essay in 3 steps.” Search it on essay websites my web site.

It’s the single best post on thesis statement a simple way to structure your essay and nail it!! Good luck! Janine. I really love your way of help, thinking. I can relate to it on so many levels. I just wrote my personal statement. Thesis Statement. Well, I hope I did. I would really love it if you would take a look at custom essay websites it and tell me what you think.

What’s missing? What’s unnecessary? Is the bigger picture clear? It would be really great if you agree to help. Is there any way I can send it to you? Whatever you say though, thank you again. Your article inspired me. Else, I wouldn’t be writing my personal statement at 5am, having not slept yet.

Thank you. #128578; Hello, this really looks helpful thank you so much, but I am still debating whether or not I should talk about the guide hardships I went through during my sophomore and junior year (depression and the loss of friends,) and essay how it has shaped me as a person going through so much. I would include my emotions back then and guide how growing up and having the friends I have now has shaped me into help, the person I am now. I think you could write a powerful essay about these hardships. The key is to focus on the essay on a defining quality or characteristic you either used or developed in thesis guide yourself to handle them. Template. That will make sure your essay is statement guide, about YOU and has a tight focus. Good luck! Janine Robinson.

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essayons castle Company B, United States Corps of Engineers. Company E, 4th Regiment of Confederate Engineers. by Raleigh B. Buzzaird. Chief, Archives Branch, Office, Chief of Engineers. There are three Corps of Engineers insignia in use today, which are of remote origin.

In chronological order of approximate dates of adoption they are: The Essayons Button , first definitely known to have been worn during the War of 1812; The Turreted Castle , believed to have been worn by the Cadets of West Point during the summer of 1839, and approved for use on statement the uniform of the custom essay websites Corps of Engineers during the same year: and The Corps of thesis guide, Engineers Seal , believed to have been designed and used as early as 1866-1867. (Formally designated as the Official Seal April 6, 1897.) While we do not know who actually executed the designs of these heraldic devices, the Engineer officers who had the most to do with ordering the on expository essay execution, adoption, or use of these three insignia for the Corps, were all distinguished for the parts they played in shaping the history of thesis, our nation. Each served his country notably; and the economic unemploymen each reached the top of the Corps by being appointed Chief Engineer of the United States Army. One of the thesis guide group had the added distinction of being awarded the e-business template Congressional Medal of thesis guide, Honor for gallantry beyond the essay websites call of duty. And one became Commander-in-Chief of the thesis guide Army itself. The names of the six Chiefs of Engineers thus concerned with the insignia are Jonathan Williams, Alexander Macomb, Joseph G. Best Custom Essay! Totten, Richard Delafield, Andrew A. Humphreys, and statement John Moulton Wilson. Jonathan Williams and Alexander Macomb may be named most prominently as likely designers of the heraldic devices on the distinctive button of the Engineer officers' uniform. Col.

Jonathan Williams, grand nephew of Benjamin Franklin, was first active in his country's cause at Paris, France, during the American Revolution; and served as secret agent in that country, and also as personal secretary to his uncle while the latter was American Minister at Paris. A generation after the close of the Revolutionary War, Williams was appointed the first Chief Engineer of the best websites present Corps of thesis, Engineers, and the first Superintendent of the United States Military Academy at West Point - both organizations established by essay, the same basic Act of the Congress on March 16, 1802. Williams' tour of duty did not end until the early period of the War of 1812. He is generally credited with having inspired, at that time, the adoption of the Corps' oldest and most time honored insignia - the exclusive Essayons Button. This button has not changed in basic design since its first definitely known use in 1814; and is still the required button for thesis statement guide uniform worn by the Army Engineers. The evidence which could establish the actual facts concerning the designing and adoption of this button probably was completely destroyed by the fire at contest for college West Point in 1838, when the building containing the library and earliest official records of the Corps and thesis Military Academy was burned. Contrary to what has otherwise been stated by some writers, there is no evidence that any distinctive badge, seal, insigne, motto, or other symbolic device ever was adopted for essays exclusive use by thesis guide, the Continental Army Corps of the economic growth, unemploymen, Engineers established in 1779 under command of thesis, General DuPortail. DuPortail and most of the officers of the Continental Army Corps of Engineers during the American Revolution were French Engineer officers, either on loan from King Louis or outright volunteers in the American cause. (This fact probably accounts for many of the tall tales that have been bandied about for years concerning the so-called credit due this or that French officer for choosing or designing the earliest insignia of the American Corps of Engineers.) As a matter of fact, every known evidence indicates that all three insignia of the Corps were conceived and designed, or at least approved for adoption, by American Army officers after the establish of the Corps at West Point in 1802.

The work being done by Colonel Williams and his associates during the trying period of the Napoleonic wars (which included, of course, our own War of 1812) furnished foundation aplenty upon which some imaginative American Army officer could conceive the design of an appropriate heraldic device to symbolize army engineering work as it was then being performed by help on expository, Engineer Corps officers. The recently-evaluated record material in the Engineers Archives points definitely to the likelihood that that is just what happened. And significantly, the basis for this conclusion hinges upon the subject of map making - one of the prime activities of Army Engineers since the organization of the Corps in 1802. The basic device on the Engineer button is described as follows: . . Statement! . . it shows the based on pie masonry of the bastion of a marine battery, embrasured and thesis statement guide crenellated, surrounded by water, a rising sun with rays, all surmounted by on pie chart, a soaring eagle bearing in its beak a streamer displaying the thesis guide motto Essayons. The main elements on the design would appear to commemorate the on pie very important work which Col. Jonathan Williams had been conducting - the fortification of New York Harbor and the harbors of statement guide, other important Atlantic Coast cities. This work had been pushed with great speed to protect the country against possible invasion by some one of the Examine the economic great powers then engaged in the Napoleonic struggle in thesis statement guide Europe. Australia Essay! It was in 1807 that Colonel Williams, while still superintending the Military Academy, began personally to plan and thesis construct fortifications in New York Harbor that would stop any enemy who essayed the city's capture.

The resulting inner line of defense of that harbor, including Fort Columbus and Castle Williams, were planned by Colonel Williams and constructed under his transferred supervision. Numerous young graduates of the help essay school at West Point were called upon to assist their Chief in the construction work. Among them was a young officer of the Corps who had come up from the ranks, and from the Infantry to the new Corps of statement guide, Engineers when it was organized. Plan! He had received a commission in thesis statement guide the Corps, and while stationed at West Point during the Academy's opening year had finished the formal academic course as a student officer. That was Alexander Macomb - destined to become Chief Engineer, and finally Commander-in-Chief of the template United States Army. By 1807, Macomb had attained the rank of Captain in the Corps. In that year he prepared, under Colonel Williams' direction, a remarkable map of New York Harbor, the statement legend of which is reproduced herewith. [ Legend and Signature from the Macomb Map of 1807 ] This map grew yellow and fragile during the 140 years that it was filed among the Corps of Engineers maps. When it was found recently by the writer, its significance in connection with the history of the design of the e-business template Essayons Button was immediately apparent.

The significant section of the map bears the signature of thesis statement guide, Captain Macomb as delineator. It will be noted that the plan template map contains all the main elements found in the Essayons Button design. There are the surmounting Eagle, the Water Bastion, the Rising Sun with Rays, and statement the motto Essayons. In addition to these elements Macomb placed in his drawing a round fort to the right and a frigate entering the space between the two protecting fortifications. The round fort with flag atop was probably inspired by the stone tower then under construction, and known to posterity as Castle Williams. Thus it appears that young Macomb was the enterprising American Engineer officer who had the imagination to essay, symbolize the work of the Corps. Or it may have been Macomb's Chief, Colonel Williams, who furnished the idea for the decorative effect which contained the principal elements of the design on the Button; and himself directed his young assistant to thesis guide, decorate the map of 1807 with his (Williams) own ideas. We do not know that Colonel Williams, soon after becoming Chief Engineer, and Superintendent of the Academy at West Point, was given carte blanche to select and design his own special uniform for the officers of the new Corps of Engineers.

And we know that he designed a special Engineer uniform. Contest For College! Whether he designed a button for that uniform before 1807, and whether young Macomb merely used a Williams design for an already existing Essayons Button to decorate his map of 1807 we do not know. Thesis Statement Guide! At any rate, the existence of this map provided an earlier date than the War of 1812 for the actual use of the design now found on the button. Another map, made by Macomb in 1806, of the Charleston, South Carolina harbor, gives us an even earlier date for the use of the Corps' motto Essayons on a flying scroll, held in the beak of the eagle. The year 1806 now can be accepted as the earliest known date that the Essayons motto was used, and significantly, displayed in much the essays based on pie chart same manner that it is statement, today on the button. The use of the French word Essayons as the motto of the Corps does not necessarily indicate, as is so often inferred, that some Frenchman chose his motto, or designed the Button or other Engineer insignia. Actually, the use of foreign words - whether French, Italian, Latin, Greek or some other - to express a motto, has been common practice of English-speaking people for centuries.

Both Williams and Macomb were well versed in the use of the French language. Plan! Williams had lived in France for several years before he became Chief Engineer, and was a scholar of the first order. Macomb's mother was French and saw to thesis guide, it that her son's early academic education included a well-grounded course in the French language. We may well assume that when Williams or Macomb happened to be confronted with an e-business plan template engineering problem that someone pronounced impossible of accomplishment, it would have been just as natural for thesis either of these officer's to say, Essayons as to say we will try. Moreover, versed in the science of heraldry (as they both may well have been) it would have been natural for either of them to have selected a simple foreign word for a motto when designing a heraldic badge for their Corps. The reason for Examine the economic growth, selecting the date 1814 as the first known date that the button was used, is that it is the earliest year mentioned by any writer as the year the button actually was seen on a uniform by any identified individual. Gen. George D. Ramsey, in thesis writing about his cadet days at West Point during 1814-1820, made the contest following statement regarding the uniform worn by Captain Partridge who served as Acting Superintendent of the Academy from 1808 to 1817: . Thesis Guide! . . . Captain Partridge was never known to be without uniform. Australia Essay! . . Guide! . His was that of the Corps of Engineers with the embroidered collar and cuffs and the Essayons Button. . . . While there were references in Army Regulations from time to time to the button of the Engineers . . . with only the device and motto heretofore established, there seems to have been no authoritative detailed description of the device on the button until the new Army uniforms were adopted in 1840 ( General Orders, 7, AGO, Feb 18, 1840 ). On that date, for the first time, the button was officially described as follows: An eagle holding in his beak a scroll with the word Essayons, a bastion with embrasures in the distance, surrounded by water, and a rising sun; the figures to essay websites, be of dead gold upon a bright field. [ Engineer Button and thesis statement guide Castle ] It is significant that when the above first official description of the Essayons button was published by the War Department in 1840, Alexander Macomb was the Commander-in-Chief of the United States Army at Washington; and that the essay officers of the Corps of Engineers were to statement, have a new uniform, which was to be embellished with an monetary added brand new insigne - the Turreted Castle device. It would be interesting to know what part, if any, Alexander Macomb, as Comander-in-Chief of the Army, played in thesis selecting or approving the Turreted Castle as a new adornment of the uniform. Actually Generals Delafield and Totten were the officers who first recommended the use of the Turreted Castle.

And the cadets at West Point were the first to wear it, probably during the summer or early fall of 1839. Colonel Delafield was then Superintendent of the Academy at best custom essay websites West Point; and in September 1839, made recommendations to General Totten (who was Chief Engineer at Washington) for a new uniform for the West Point Corps of Cadets. (The Academy, it should be remembered, was under the thesis statement management of the Chief of Engineers from the date of its establishment in 1802 until after the Civil War in 1866.) The uniform of the Cadets had remained practically unchanged for a quarter of contest for college, a century. Delafield recommended that the old cap-plate, with the yellow eagle and the crossed cannon - worn so long by the Cadets - should be discarded. He proposed, in lieu of it, to statement guide, have the eagle surmounting the wreath encircling the essays chart castle, as prescribed for the Corps of Engineers, being the distinctive characteristic of the Corps of thesis statement, which they form a part. The suggestion was approved by General Totten, October 10, 1839. About four months later, February 17, 1840, General Totten, according to one authority, submitted to the Secretary of War his own recommendation for the new uniform of the Corps of Engineers. The following items were specified: Epaulettes - gold, according to rank, as described in monetary G.O. 36 of guide, 1839; within the crescent, a turreted castle of silver.

Belt plate - rectangular, dead gold field with a bright gold double rim, a wreath of laurel and palm enveloping a turreted castle, raised, in silver, according to design in the Engineer Office. In the Engineer Archives there are some paintings of the various sections of the based proposed uniform, in colors, bearing the signature of Colonel Delafield. But there is no drawing of the statement castle separate and standing alone that bears the signature of the Colonel. However, the paintings that do bear his signature indicate plainly that he had a part in adopting the castle for the West Point Cadet's uniform and in adopting the uniform of the Corps of Engineers which carried the Turreted Castle. Whether he was the original designer of the castle definitely is not known. An authoritative writer on the subject of the Castle Insigne of the Corps states that: In 1841 it was used as the cap ornament, and in 1857 as the hat ornament; in 1872 it appeared on the shoulder knot, but it disappeared from them in the economic unemploymen 1902 when these devices became regulation. In 1896 it made its appearance on the saddle cloth. As a collar ornament the thesis turreted castle made its first appearance in 1892 on the undress coat collar, embroidered.

In 1894 this was changed to metal (silver). The castle appeared on the buttons and Examine the economic unemploymen the shako of the engineer soldiers from 1846 to 1851, and on the forage cap plate from 1846 to 1902, when a regulation device was adopted. There is on file a drawing of the castle, which for thesis years has been accepted by the Office of the Chief of Engineers as one of the two original drawings of the castle device. On the back of this drawing, in the same handwriting as on the face of the drawing, is the following notation, Original sent to John Smith, with a section (vertical) thru the wall uniting the towers, and best custom essay websites an elevation of the central tower. Jan. Thesis Statement! 8th 1840. A strange coincidence occurred shortly after the writer first came upon the old drawing of the castle now in the Engineer files and believed to have been copied from the original which was noted as having been sent to on expository, John Smith in January 1840. A letter was received from Mr.

Burton Schwartz, of Brooklyn, New York, stating that an thesis statement old drawing of the castle had come into his possession. Help On Expository! He advised that this drawing had once belonged to Maj. William D. Fraser, an officer of the guide Corps of Engineers. Mr. Schwartz lent this drawing to the writer for comparison with the 1840 copy on file in the Engineers Archives. Careful research and e-business template minute comparison point to the likelihood that this drawing, now owned by Mr.

Schwartz, is the original mentioned as having been sent to John Smith on January 8, 1840. This old drawing is reproduced here. [ Original Official Drawing of the Castle Device ] It is one of the most treasured items in the Engineers Archives. An interesting sidelight is the existence in the files, of statement, a small box containing a pattern, apparently made for use in manufacturing one of the earliest castle ornaments. The outside of the lid is marked Engineer Department, and bears the following printed address: JOHN SMITH FRASER. BROADWAY, CORNER CEDAR ST. On the inside of the lid to template, this box containing the metal pattern of a castle device, is the following writing in thesis old by clearly readable ink:

Pattern for die Sinker, to best custom websites, be returned, as it is the only one belonging to thesis, the Engineer Office. The castle on the forage cap of engineer soldiers is to be like this but yellow. The door and windows pierced through showing the for college scholarships cloth. It would appear that this pattern could have been made as early as 1846 - the date quoted from the authority mentioned above as the first date the castle was worn on the forage cap of the engineer soldiers. In designing a heraldic device, whether a badge or coat of arms, the requirements are the commemoration of something noteworthy, simplicity of design, and guide practicability. These all were apparent in the design of the Turreted Castle insigne. The earliest important work of the Corps was concerned with the construction of the castle-like fortifications along the Atlantic Coast. Many of the them even being named castles - such as Castle Williams and monetary australia essay Castle Clinton in New York Harbor; the works on Castle Island, in Boston Harbor: and Castle Pinckney, in South Carolina. The selection of a castle as the badge was, therefore, most appropriate, and the actual castle design fully meets the requirements of statement guide, simplicity and practicability. The official Seal of the Corps, reproduced here, is sometimes referred to as the monetary policy australia Coat of Arms. [ The Seal of the Corps of Engineers ] It was adopted shortly after the Civil War to commemorate the consolidation of the Corps of Topographical Engineers with the regular Corps of Engineers established in 1802. The Topographical Corps had been an offshoot of the older corps since its establishment in the 1830's, and the consolidation of the two Corps had taken place in the midst of the Civil War.

Over the thesis statement guide years, various Chiefs of Engineers have adopted and changed seals at their pleasure. What appears to scholarships, have been the original Seal of the thesis statement regular Corps of help on expository, Engineers is said to have been adopted in 1829. It carried the basic device appearing on the Essayons Button. Shortly after the Corps of Topographical Engineers came upon the scene in the 1830's, it adopted its own insigne or seal. This was a red, white, and blue shield, with the letters T and E displayed prominently to indicate Topographical Engineers. Gen.

Andrew A. Humphreys, who had been a distinguished member of the Corps of Topographical Engineers before the Civil War, is given credit for adopting, or at least ordering, the use of the thesis statement present Corps of Engineers Seal - or Coat of Arms. This was not long after he was appointed Chief of Engineers in 1866, following General Delafield's retirement. The first dated print of essays chart, this new device which the writer has been able to find bears the inscription, Engraved in the Engineer Department, 1867. The significance of the design as commemorating the guide achievements of both the Corps of Engineers and the Corps of Topographical Engineers is plain to be seen. The larger shield is divided into three horizontal sections, of which the top usually is represented in solid blue color; while the essays on pie bottom is divided into guide, vertical (red and white) stripes. The center section shows the interesting original shields of the two historic corps; the Dexter shield being a reproduction of the basic device of the Engineers' oldest insigne, the Essayons Button; the Sinister shield showing the Corps of Topographical Engineers red, white, and plan template blue shield between the letters T and statement guide E. For College Scholarships! The eagle and the motto Essayons dominate the overall design, as they originally did in the decorative sections of the Macomb maps of 1806 and 1807. This Seal was not adopted officially by the Corps until Gen. John M. Wilson, as Chief of Engineers, promulgated his order of April 6, 1897. [ General Wilson's Order of 1897 ] The original letter, bearing an imprint of the device and General Wilson's order, is reproduced here. Statement Guide! The reproduction of the Seal is made from a tracing of the original. The origin of the various forms of Engineer insignia has been a matter of wide interest and contest for college scholarships much speculation among engineers for a long time.

Several articles on various phases of the subject have appeared in thesis statement guide The Military Engineer . Some of these were admittedly based on based chart legend and the imagination of the writers and others on thesis statement guide such records as were available. While there are still some links in the chain of evidence not yet found, it is believed that this article covers, in an orderly fashion, the facts which are known and includes the names of the officers who had the greatest part in the development of the insignia. Also, of particular importance are the authentic reproductions of the official devices which accompany the essays on pie article. Buzzaird, Raleigh B., Insignia of The Corps of statement guide, Engineers , (The Military Engineer, Vol. XLII, No.

286), 101-105.